Do You Slice Up Beats In Renoise?

Can one slice beats up in Renoise, like you can with Recycle? Am I getting totally confused? Do you slice up beats, via the pattern effect commands, like Pitch?

Cause, I was glancing at the manual, and all of a sudden, I am thinking, “somehow, I can tell Renoise to play Slice X of Sample X.” Is that true? How do you do that?



Radical! Thank you


You can also select a region of a sample and copy that region to a new sample, and build up a recycle-like drum instrument that way.

Youtube-search these terms: “kaneel renoise”. :)

Did all the old trackers have functionality like this? Is this type of stuff unique to Renoise?

the vidz are really wicked!

not all, but some (protracker, ft2, …)
in renoise, cropping and slicing is more comfy though, since you can let your selection “snap” to fixed fragments of the sample (i.e. “beats”). this however requires your sample/loop to be in sync with the song tempo, since if it’s not, the fragments renoise snaps to do not correspond to the individual events within the sample (i.e. kickdrum, hihat, snare, etc).






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09xx commmand
Or just ctrl x…ctrl v and create a drumkit

Renoise IS for cut samples!!! :lol: The 09xx command is always present in my songs!

Tip I discovered: If you want a cut up break to be used in your song, but it dosen’t match the tempo, use the sync feature, put it in the song, render selection to sample, and now its the right tempo.

Tip: slice with de-esser gets you lice

Every one goes on about 09xx effects. I don’t mind this technique but I feel like it’s not as fast for plugging in notes. What I do is that I load the sample into an instrument, and select the chunk I don’t want, hit cut, and add a new sample to the instrument. I do this until the whole beat is sliced, go to the instrument editor and hit “create drum kit” and it assigns each sample to c, c#, d, d# etc. This makes it really easy to plug in a beat.

I tend to copy and paste sections of a drum sample into new samples… then hit “generate drum kit”

Sometimes I also use 09xx … depends on what I’m trying to do, really

Generate drum kit is really useful. Longer to do in the beginning, but you can go nuts when typing in beats.

I like to slice mine into 8ths, Cutting to the nearest hit to the 8th, so each kick/snare is nicely quantised, but you still keep the rhythm of the original break.

Thats lesson 1 in making funk without using the delay column

but what if i want to change the pitch of these samples from the drumkit. let’s say c-4 is a kick or snare. but when i want this one to play at d-4, d-4 is already reserved to another part of the drumkit in c-4…

That’s where the 01xx and 02xx fx come into play. =)

You can always hear the pitch ‘slide’ tho…

Not if you set TPL to 1…