I’m working on a couple of jungle/drumfunk tracks and I want to know how you guys deal with Beatswitches and oldskool funkbreaks. :drummer:

what’s a beatswitch ?


I almost started a new account… but then I already posted :(

atleast you got a screenshot ;D

fark yes!

Nobody :huh:

what is a beatswitch?

and how to deal with oldskool funkbeats… it’s a matter of taste…
personally, I cut them up, hit by hit and only use the sound of the
drums for my own programmed beats. it takes its toll on the ‘flow’
as it will sound harsher than when you leave a few hits per cut.

also, using sample offset (09xx) is a favoured technique among
the renoise breakbeat gurus. good luck and happy tracking :)


A beatswitch is when you swith to a different break.

drumfunk is all about making breakbeat orgies, right?
away with beatswitches then, pile em up and jazz out the funk!

ok than :)

you know what they say: never fix a broken beat

and break beats, not ice

oh, and break fast, not slow

… god spare me

Lately I’ve been ‘beat-switching’ like a mofo in renoise. I used to slice up loops in infinitely small units and then program them, but since the snap-ability in the sample editor, I cut loops into bigger segments…and line the hits internally so they loop perfectly when synced.

I do this by shifting the percussive hits to snappable points by cutting & pasting. If you then loop portions out of these smaller segments you can create very interesting beats without clogging up the patterns with a orgy of notes when programming.

I wish to do a tutorial on this, but I can’t seem to record microphone signal + renoise audio with my echo indigo i/o asio drivers.