Beatsync: A Switch For Ignoring Bpm Multipliers

I would like to see a small additional feature for sample-based instruments in Renoise, when using beatsync.

The “problem” is that I often use the BPM multipliers for creating tempo shuffle/swing/triplets etc., and this happens to affect the samples that are beatsynced. Alternating btw. 1F04 and 1F08 (as I often do) will cause the sample playback to constantly jump excatly one octave up and down !!!

Actually this “effect” is quite useful (it sounds interesting sometimes), so instead of proposing a “global” switch I think it would be the smartest thing to have this switch inside each instrument’s properties that overrule the default behaviour … Then you’d be able to have samples that jump up and down (which is the current behaviour), and another breakbeat that just plays along to the current BPM, while ignoring the tempo multiplier.

Useful for me - but how about you ?


this can be frustrating, yes, but it can also be worked around quite easily. Just render to sample another instance of the sample in question at the speed you want, and switch between using the synced one and the rendered one depending what you’re going to do…

Or use delay factors instead and copy the delay trackstructure using advanced edit (by only copying the delay effects from the effect column or volume/panning columns).
This however only counts when you perform old-skool groove and not a general song-speed change.

Hi all,

and sorry I didn’t get back to your replies - was offline for a few days :wink:

vvoois, you are right about the delay factor being a valid solution. I also found another one (thought slightly “glitchy” sounding it works for some sounds):

The basic theory is to take a beat, copy it to another instrument slot and have it beatsynced to double the length. Then, when the notes are entered, we alternate btw. the “normal length” and the “double length” beat. For my specific purpose it works like a charm (no more “octave jumping”), but it does introduce some new artifacts. Guess I like the sound to get dirty :slight_smile: