Beatsyncing drum breaks at high bpms (200+)

For the breakcore producers, when working at a high bpm how do you manage the timing of your drum breaks?

Beatsyncing my breaks at a high bpm makes them too high pitched. If i don’t beatsync them, there will sometimes be silence before the next hit, which is not something I always want.

Please let me know how you guy’s approach this. Been using Renoise for a couple of years now, yet i still haven’t been able to figure it out :frowning:

Slice the drums into individual hits, render slices to samples then resequence. Apply really tight volume envelopes to hits to get it tighter. Also, using Cxx commands means you can put a hard stop to the sample playback at very specific places. Finally I’m quite certain that one of the beatsync modes allows repitching, if you’d rather just sync it instead. That way means you can shorten it then pitch it back down.


The Render Slices to Phrase will render the hits with the “groove” based on the position of the slice markers represented in the delay column. That’s very powerful. It allows you keep the feel of the original groove, the original pitch and play it back at any speed you want. Of course you can copy it to the main pattern, you’ll just have to manually enter the instrument number. At least I don’t know how to do that automatically. Just make sure you have the delay column activated in the pattern editor.

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Works great, exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks!

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Good! Happy to have helped.

Render slices to phrases also allows for a ton of flexibility in applying variation through the modulation section while keeping tempo/timing constant. Some really dope fx can be achieved with it, especially when resampling. Very powerful rhythmic sound manipulation techniques here…

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sound like a good topic for a video :wink:

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