Beautiful hi-q Downtempo and Intelligent Drum&Bass

Clever Cloud definately rulez!

Check Petr Omacka’s beautiful, deep and soulful Downtempo called “Island” and his older Intelligent D&B called “Cascade”!

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Mister “guest”, if you won’t be constructive in any way in your slag-off, just shut the hell up. “This track suxx” with no reason is just a crap thing to say, even if it’s your immediate reaction…

Anywayz, I liked the tune (Island). =) It’s not repetetive, it’s progressive! The rythms were nice, the melody too. Tho the vinyl-feel could have been toned down a bit… Gotta listen to this on better output than these crappy headphones… Yech!

Anywayz, now playin Cascade… Hm, not as good as Island, but still okay. A bit unoriginal perhaps.