Been a while...

(The Hooligan) #21

First of all, sound bugs in gold bug has been fixed. Apparently Synthmaster2 didn’t like when I was poking mastervolume on this partiicular instrument.

And heres another one:

The Night Traveller:

(The Hooligan) #22

Another one … Enigmaish / Michael Cretuish downtempo chill tune

Eternal (Jaana’s theme)

(The Hooligan) #23

Always wanted to do this but for some reason never did… this is a ten minute complete rewrite from scratch of the Pet Shop Boys classic “Domino Dancing”. Is ten minutes too long for this… no, its fucking ten minutes too short! :walkman:

Domino Dancing

(The Hooligan) #24

I have no idea of the genre (techno, tech-house…?) but here we go…

Base Wide Shut:

(The Hooligan) #25

This is kinda shit, sorry… I know… spent so much time on it I just didnt have heart to delete it.

(The Hooligan) #26

Another one … electro… nic… houseish…

(HeartBeatHero) #27

Nice relaxing track. :slight_smile:

(The Hooligan) #28

A very long project, started when tv series “Stranger things” went into air… been like… months. Here is it, I am not 100% satisfied and will fix some issues but for now I have to get on with other projects.


(The Hooligan) #29

First of 2017:

Moments in love (2017 rework) -

(HeartBeatHero) #30

very nice choice of sounds. :slight_smile:

(The Hooligan) #31

Hey… been busy bee… second one. ChillaX


it COULD be work in progress so comment please, negative is positive

EDIT: track url changed to a shorter edit which IMO is a better one - Hool

(ffx) #32

Sounds very pleasant to my ears.

(The Hooligan) #33

New track. Please do comment, I will make changes if pros require it :slight_smile:

  • Huulio

(HeartBeatHero) #34

This is kinda shit, sorry… I know… spent so much time on it I just didnt have heart to delete it.

Nice and light trancy track. :slight_smile:

(Hardock) #35

Very nice 80’s vibe and more in here!

Keep up the good work!

Lol, goregous ending in the_song_with_no_apparent_melody_or_idea-80s_edition



(The Hooligan) #36

New track, sorry, its shit :frowning:

Also, a friend remastered my old song about a decade back:

  • Hool

(The Hooligan) #37

Heres another one… ambientish electronica…

“The Journey continues”

and from a couple weeks back a retouch of an older track of mine

“True Progression (Alternative version)”

  • Hool

(The Hooligan) #38

Yet another one… progressive house, if I’d have to take a guess… (?)

Gone Rogue:

  • Hool

(The Hooligan) #39


  • Hool

(The Hooligan) #40

“Riding Shotgun” :

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