Been a while...

(Sam) #41

I like your stuff. Been listening to a few tracks now and they’re nice.

(The Hooligan) #42

Thanks Sam

Here’s another … analog synth homage space flying relaxing … thingie… :slight_smile:

Space Sonata Part III

(The Hooligan) #43

Electronica for the people who travels in the dark …

‘Silky Smooth’

(The Hooligan) #44

I have no idea if this SoundCloud link works…but a direct MP3 downloadlink is below it

Mind Formation

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(The Hooligan) #45

(ffx) #46

The sc inlines work well, you could omit the flash links :slight_smile: Since flash even isn’t working anymore on recent systems per default.

(The Hooligan) #47

I aint lazy fuck like some others… two more:

As usual songs can be listened to/downloaded from:

(The Hooligan) #48

Last track of the year:

Merry christmas everybody, keep on tracking… and remember, smoke’em if you got’em

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(The Hooligan) #49

First of the year… hopefully not last of the year

‘Balls of Steel’:

Edit: Soundcloud link

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(The Hooligan) #50

“Feelings Change”

(The Hooligan) #51


(The Hooligan) #52

A final cut of the last song, it was rushed because of the presidential elections in Finland.

(The Hooligan) #53

Sorry to spam the forum… but here is another one :wink: Sunday chillout sessions and a track I started last summer is finally finished.

(The Hooligan) #54

utter shite but…

(The Hooligan) #55

Radioactivity cover. Kept simple and didnt pay too much attention fixing errors on purpose. Long live Kraftwerk!

(The Hooligan) #56

One last update… may be the last ever

The Wizard (9. may)

Devil’s garden (22.apr)

Elinas Theme (15.apr)

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(Sam) #57

I like Elina’s Theme. The vocals in the other one sound a bit out of time.

Why the last update, tho?

(ffx) #58

Eh man, why the hell still using a flash player. I cannot play it, here, this is how it looks on a recent OS:

Lovely tune,The Wizard.

(HeartBeatHero) #59

I agree with Sam. Elina’s Theme is nice and relaxing.

Elaborating on ffx comments. Maybe its time to start a sound cloud acount?

(The Hooligan) #60

After almost a year or so… (the thread is called ‘Been a while…’ after all) … I did have a long break… but I’ve not been completely lazy and boozing (sadly). A recap for last few months below, first one I finished just hours ago. In case someone is wondering the 10min+ length of the track, what I had in mind was a tribute to those awesome lates 70s disco/house remixises lasting average of 10 mins… John Morales, Giorgio Moroder etc.

So here we go, in order from latest to fucky old:

and The Wizard has also an updated mix:

Been ill but happy to be back <3