Been a while...

(The Hooligan) #61

A sequel to Leaving Gravity, Entering Gravity

(stoiximan) #62

So good i really enjoyed that.Bravo my friend

(The Hooligan) #63

This fucker took quite some hours to finish … and a sleepless night :wink: Hope ya all relax while listening to it


(The Hooligan) #64

Update. 3 new tracks

Don’t need nobody (I need your body)


Life on other planets 5

(Sam) #65

I love how these songs evoke the nineteen seventies and - for the three newest ones - the eighties. Lots of music meant to capture this era smears it on too thick, but these songs get it just right.

LOOP5 had me “wrongbeat” for several bars before I realised the kick is on one and not two. Is there are skipped beat in there somewhere? Clever stuff.