BeepBox - can we please have these tone generators in Renoise?

I found this web/HTML music sequencer online a few days ago, and thought it would just be a dumb little squidgy Nintendo/Atari sound maker.

I was wrong. Way wrong.

It’s got NES/Square/Harmonics/Spectrum/FM synthesis. And it’s editable. And it runs with little to no pull on your computer on the Internet. I begged the guy to build us some synths for Renoise, but I want to say, if there is anybody out there that can see and hear this amazing little box, would you please make this for us?

Yeah, I’m probably asking for a lot. Whatever, it’s damn cool! Sure I can sample from it, but I’d rather have a tone generator that makes these sounds IN Renoise so I can just make 'em and run with it. It’s amazing.

Here at

I made this in 5 minutes. It’s out of this world, and it’s saved all the patterns and sounds in the code, just click it and listen!


AFAIK there are no plans to add synthesis to Renoise. The Renoise tone generation is a sampler, not a synth. Also you can use VSTis, so it kind of makes no sense to add such a specific thing into Renoise.

Why not ask the developer to make a VSTi instead? Or if you are not satisfied with the VSTi integration in Renoise, requesting a better integration?

@ffx Tone generators are sound generators that produce samples which you can place into the sampler.
Milkytracker/MorphSynth/PadSynth/etc. The tones they generate are synthesized. It makes plenty of sense to have these things in Renoise because we already do. They produce common sounds. I’d like to work with less common sounds. Which is why I ask for things like samples to have the capability to be frequency modulated against each other. We have AM, we have ring modulation, why not FM? Why not LFO’s that go into the audio spectrum, so we can wring more out of a sample? To have these modulators provide other forms of timbral movement.

After fiddling with BeepBox, I found it can create sound via FM, harmonic synthesis, and spectrum/spectral synthesis. As well as a more common methods. I do not want to sequence with BeepBox. I want to sequence within Renoise. I do not want to sample BeepBox, because I prefer to work within the confines of Renoise natively. It’s faster and more efficient. Also, BeepBox does not have any form of timbral modulation once the sounds are generated.

What is your issue with having these types of sample generators or modulators in Renoise? The sequencer is already rock solid, it already has a very nice sampler. Why not push into other areas?

VST and Audio Unit instruments are a huge draw on both Renoise and my system resources. No matter what they claim to be (system-friendly / easy on the CPU). I’d prefer to use Renoise without external instruments. I have, in fact, asked the developer of BeepBox if they would create some of these for us here in Renoise, so we can use them internally. Why would you not want other means to create sound within Renoise?

@EatMe you must be joking… I hate piano keys :smiley:

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Ok, I meant “tone generators” as synonym for synthesis, so “realtime tone generators”. Generated sampled tones have a lot of disadvantages, like sounding themselves statical, sure you can add ENVs and FX, but still a level of modulation will be lost. I think synthesis will never come, at least I was Taktik, I wouldn’t see the need for it - since you can use VSTis. I also like FM, AM, ringmod, sync and so on, that’s why I mostly only am using VSTis for synth like sounds (depends on genre of course). Currently we don’t have real cross-osc-ringmod or am in Renoise. It neither works polyphonic. Adding FM would be kind of experimental sounding (I suggested that many years ago and never got an answer :grin:). There are a hell lot of VSTis out there, also very efficient ones, which will do this job much better, than Renoise ever could do with its sample based approach. For example: Surge (freeware)

Or did you mean an non-realtime tone generator? Then you could code that webpage synth into a LUA tool.

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To be honest, I’d love to have both, but like this -

Within the sampler:

  1. Increased LFO rate into the audio spectrum, all the way up, like 20kHz. the LFO does not need to make sound on it’s own, it just needs to go faster. This would create rudimentary FM. Not tuned FM, like a synth, but enough to really get some bizarre sounds from the samples. Not being a coder of any sort (like you suggested earlier using LUA - all I know is that LUA is a programming language, how to program in it? I do not know), That being said, how much effort would it take to add to the speed range of an already existing LFO? Not sure.

  2. Tuned FM, basically taking the idea above of a speedy LFO, but allowing for accurate tuning, so one could make harmonic FM sounds. For example, we have a comb filter and vowel filter that can do that already. I’ve actually used these as oscillators on their own because of this. Makes for nice pad sounds. This kinda/sorta ties in with #3 below -

  3. Allow a second sample within the same sampler to be turned into an actual operator, which might/could be modulated via LFO, etc. 2-OP FM. Not 4, 6, or 8-OP. Just enough to create the sound of an old Soundblaster card. Beautiful, simplified FM. If you want a different sound, just change the samples. Then you WOULD have an actual non-static synthesizer. The reason this would be a big deal is because the sampler would be modulating material against itself. It would be near-infinite as a sound production tool. Very strange sounds could be made.

Without the sampler:

  1. an LFO that can run at audio rate - not to make sound, just to modulate.

  2. A filter that emulates the spectrum/spectral synthesis in the BeepBox app. It’s simplified in that program to be just a set of sliders that looks like an envelope. Just take a listen to the drums in my initial example. Beautiful, abstract, all adjusted by an low-res FFT filter of some sort? Whatever it is, that filter used in that manner in Renoise would open up a ton of options. That filter alone, with any sample run through it, would create tons of new sounds from any material tossed into it.

  3. modules that are built-in that can become FM synths in their own right. This is less favorable. I’d really like to stick to the sampler’s pre-existing structure.

  4. a tone generator like BeepBox’s built into Renoise. Least favorable, but useful.

I love everything that exists in Renoise already, it’s nearly possible to make almost all of the sounds I’d like to, less the options above. I love the sequencer, I love the layout, the color schemes, everything. I just would like for it to be able to make more sounds internally. I do not want to spend any more money on VST instruments, they’ve always looked and felt like tacked-on extras, afterthoughts; but I would spend more money on Renoise to get more sounds from it natively.

The spectral generation in the webapp indeed sounds pretty great and leads to very quick results. It would be a great VSTi.

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An it work on mobile devices too,Android and IOS


audio spectrum LFO


this is one of my favorite things in SunVox, paired with the Modulator Module. Everything else you mention would be pretty sweet, but I’d be quite content with increased LFO frequency.

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In theory, if the signal follower was fast enough, we would already have the possibility to use it on a single cycle sample in any pitch and use the signal follower output as an audio rate LFO. I wonder if there are limitation because of Renoise ticks system or something?


What could you do with it? Generating audio from LFO?

Really also an free ap for duddling around wenn on te run. We ned tis in Renoise like now!!:slightly_smiling_face::wink::laughing::grin::smile::smiley:

Seems okay :slight_smile:

Shopping mall beep


Now this is what I would imagine goes through the average person’s head at any given time while walking through a shopping mall. Beautiful!


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