Befor we talk about VST3

… there should be the “full” integration of VST and VST2.

What i mean is : Implementing of “Midi note routing” and “audio routing” in and out of VSTs and VSTi and to other tracks.

Why ? Many plugins like f.i. compressors, vocoders and many other type of effect plugins simply do noting without the right midi note- or audio routing into them or they have a very cut down usage.

The audio and midi routing is in fact standard in any other DAW and it should be very easy to implement with plugins like a “audio send to VST” and “midi send to VST” that can be put into an effect chain like the standard “send” that is used for “send tracks”.

Also there should be a “Audio send to sampler” so it would be possible to just record a live output of an other track even if i play it live with a midi keyboard.

The second thing i would love to have is an time strech / pitch shift that can be used in the sample editor on selected parts of a sample and as a note effect.

This would make my day…

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MIDI Routing: Allows you to route the MIDI output of the current plugin into another instrument beneath it in the Instrument Selector. This target instrument can be another plugin with its own MIDI output (allowing you to chain MIDI-generating plugins together), a ‘normal’ plugin (one that just generates sound) or even the built-in sampler in Renoise. The only real limitation is that you can’t trigger instrument phrases via a MIDI plugin.

Audio Routing: Click the 3.0 downopen.png button at the right to open the panel. By setting up track routing you can force the output to be bound to a single track, no matter which track you send the notes from. This can be useful if you want to route different aliases to different tracks to keep things organised, or route multiple instruments to the same track to use its effect chain.


Some of your requests are already there. Whats missing are multiple midi out targets, sidechain in, etc. VST3 is something big for me, because of Reason Rack plugin. The wrapper is a good workaround, but it has some issues, too.