Before I buy: ASIO and MIDI latency



I am currently evaluating Renoise. It’s a pity I can’t try ASIO, hope it does work with my interface (Behringer UMC 1820).

Is it possible, if using the ASIO driver, to use more than one Line Input Channels at once? I need 16.

Also, using the MIDI latency correction “MIDI Return Mode” without ASIO has very bad results - the timing is more than 2 beats off, too much for the ±100ms delay that is adjustable. Hope this works better with ASIO?

Thanks in advance!

(EatMe) #2


  • latency < 20 ms will make play fluent.
  • latency < 20 ms will not allow you to run lots of effects and plugins at once
  • the regular sound settings allow setting 16 msec (for example) of latency
  • loopback of MIDI always comes with delay and the sound setting latency is an added value


  • Renoise has only one input device in the Preferences.
  • Via the “#Line Input” device you can see what channels you can select via your input device.
  • Recording multi-channel live audio is something to look for more in other DAWs. Renoise uses input patterns and samples are recorded in one instance per take.

(Veggies) #3

I use the same interface, it works well and you can use all of the UMC’s input channels at once.


Thank you very much! Will buy now :grinning:

(zbouboutchi) #5

I use this interface with linux and jack and it plays and record flawlessly … :slight_smile: