Before The Music Dies ?

anyone here seen this ?

very interesting, great to have documentaries showing reason behind all the crap thts on the radio.

At first I wanted to blame Britney, but then I remembered Samantha, Sabrina and Sandra. Mmmm good times! :)

But in the end I just blame money… and now excuse me while I go search youtube

Cheers for the link, was really interesting to watch (although the fact that Bob Dylan and the alikes would likely not have made it today has been fairly clear for a while now… :()

I hate documentaries like this. Rose tinted glasses much? More like rose tinted binoculars.

There’s some pop music I think is great, and if mainstream pop isn’t your thing, there’s now more diversity and choice than ever.

Maybe the stars of the 1960s wouldn’t have made it today. They wouldn’t have made it in the 1920s either. Doesn’t mean the 60s was the peak of musical culture in my opinion.

I see you’re from Korea, you’ve got some great singers over there too :)

Pop is pop for a reason. Underground music is pop too, just of a different breed. Music will NEVER die.


wow amazing, Girls’ Generation are pretty much my all time favorite pop group~ ^^

Actually I am ‘from’ England, but live in Korea now and a big reason in me going in the first place was how much I already loved the pop music from that country~!

VENETIAN SNARES! APHEX TWIN! Stuff like that isn’t pop, guys, but is awesome in my opinion.

let it die, dance on it’s grave. spit on it.