Beginner Help with keyboard/putting down notes

Hi there!
A beginner here who probably is missing something obvious.
Coming from using the Polyend Tracker I find both a lot of similarities and differences with Renoise.

My first “stumble” is when slicing;
I slice up a four bar drum-loop in even slices (a total of 32 slices), if I want to edit these into one pattern I find that when trying to do it the keyboard keys is overlapping, thus “accidentally” putting down the same slices/notes when changing octaves, this also happens when using a midi-keyboard (32 keys) and changing octaves on the keyboard I also trigger the same keys when editing making it hard to get the edits like I want it…
Is there an option to not have the same keys triggering on different octaves?

It shouldn’t do that it should be one sample per key. An easy way to check is to go to the sampler, Keyzones, then above the key zone window just click “Drum Kit” and that will apply one sample or slice per key. There’s a drop down box next to the window, you can click “White Keys Only” so that the samples are only mapped to white keys. If that doesn’t work, attach the .xrns project file and I, or someone else who gets there first, can have a look.

Did you destructively render the slices and then somehow stretch each one across the keyboard?