Behold! My first renoise tutorial!

first lesson.xrns (655.3 KB)

it’s even stranger then i thought

i dont understand, why if iwatch original i hear my voice and uploading to youtube its diffrent

effectively I hear no voice at all :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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excuse me, how do you get that “sidebar” FX drop down list? :slight_smile:


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Would like too see the fixed version of this.

I see you are using nvidia software/shadowplay. I have been playing with this a little recently

Did you record mic and desktop audio to separate channels? You might need to merge the audio channels to one if you are. I’m not sure how (or if) youtube supports multiple audio tracks in a video.

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I think he just clicked on the ‘more’ button, next to the search field. I wish you could pin that or adjust the heigth of the dsp chain in general.

I’d also like a version with sodiufas voice in it :slight_smile:


thank you, i’ve never tried clicking “more” actually. Is there a way to make it like that hanging out there? :slight_smile:

Its an expanded search window… So nope… You need to expand the search window by hitting more…

As @U4iC mentioned, go into your GeForce Experience overlay settings and check the audio options:


A while back, Nvidia finally added the ability to split the main audio source (i.e. game sounds, Renoise, or whatever’s coming out of your speakers…) and the mic input out to separate audio tracks in the captured video.

It’s an awesome feature for editing stuff later in Premiere/Vegas/etc, so you can cut out awkward noises on your mic (farting, burping, coughing, etc), add some compression/gating/etc., but it’s perhaps not the most ideal choice when simply playing stuff in a media player, or uploading to YouTube which (afaik) currently only supports basic stereo audio. (I think surround sound is supported in some special cases? Not sure…)

But yeah… You’ll either need to change your capture settings, or bring the video into an editor and mix down your audio tracks to stereo before uploading. You can use something like AviDemux to quickly replace the audio track without having to fully transcode/re-encode the video.

dblue u are awesome as always! But what i realize, it needs actually adr. And some form of… if anyone familiar with Blender, there is tool which shows every hotkey pressed, doesn’t know if it even possible, would be cool.

I decided to not post voice version, it’s too crappy :slight_smile: Thx for response for all.