Behringer B2030a

Hi there!

Does anyone knows if the Behringer B2030A
are reasonable monitors?!
I’ve been offered 160¤ for a pair and it seems a quite interesting offer to me. I just want some reasonable monitors for homemade mixing.
If you know something about those, please let me know ok!

Thanks in advance! :yeah:

Well, here they cost EUR 150 for a single monitor… not per pair.
Specially not the active ones.
160 for a pair is good value of money for those monitors… If you need a spare couple for just in case, it could be handy.
But if you have the money… rather look out for something better.

I had 2031A’s once a time, and actually liked them.

But if you want the real truth, buy second hand genelecs, thats my advice.

I don’t have the money to buy new or used ones so i’m actually going to trade my guitar amp for a pair of those!

Cheers and Merry Xmas to everyone! :)

A far better budget option are the KRK RP5 Rokits.

The thing is that i’m not gonna buy them, i’m gonna trade my amp for those.

I know it may not be the best trade but i really need monitors… :expressionless:

i have mixer berringer its bad)
look for “samson” but its more expensive

It’s funny how everyone here decided to speak badly of the B2030As and recommends other monitors. Really, the B2030As are probably the best monitors in their price range. In fact, Sound On Sound gave a very favorable review of them.…ingerb2030a.htm

The trade is off. The guy can’t get those monitors because they have been sold to another person. Guess i’m in bad luck cuz’ i have no money to get some.

Anyway, thanks for all the tips and advisement.

Take care and Happy new year! :)

The OP was asking if he was getting a good deal on the B2030As for 160¤. All we can do is give him information and advice on purchasing them, but the decision is ultimately up to him. I wasn’t even responding to your post, so what did I misread? You are such a silly person!

I’ve still got my B2031A’s, and I’m pretty satisfied with them. They are a bit short on the low end for my liking, and I’m compensating a little with the M-Audio hardware bass management which does help quite a bit. This is probably due to me not getting around to buying good stands for them.

I don’t wish I didn’t purchase them, but I’ll definitely be spending a little more the next time around. For the price, they’re a good solid build and can really take a pounding at high levels without colouration. In fact, I think this is where they begin to shine a little :)

Oh well, at least you won’t have a pair of behringer logos staring at you all day. :)
If you’re still looking for monitoring, for under $500, I’d suggest Tascam VL-X5 any day. They’re still affordable , selling at around $300 / pair, but in a whole different league than Behringer. These little things are awesome and very true considering the price.

If you can though (yum, ramen), save up and get a pair of Adam A7 at an even $1k. I don’t think any monitoring for under $3000 comes anywhere close to those puppies.

Thank you for all your advise but currently i only have 150 euros so i guess i’ll have to wait to enter the monitor speakers club.

Life sucks…