Behringer Bcf/Bcr Controllers In Renoise

I am thinking to buy some of this stuff. BCR 2000 or BCF 2000 or both.

Has anybody use this devices with Renoise?
What about Mackie Control emulation support (hear this devices can do this) in Renoise?

BCF2000 is a solid controller. You can’t really do quick cut/scratch-style fading due to the hangups with the MIDI protocol, but never the less it’s solid. Can do a bit of a work around for cut fading, by assigning channel volumes to buttons.

In renoise you can go through assigning everything and save the template, and re-use it.

I might be wrong, but judging by this topic it looks like midi feed back may be in 2.6…

That topic was also about combining Renoise with other software which is capable of this. That has nothing to do with 2.6
What is described there you can already do now with 2.5, but you need some extra software, that’s all.

Thnks for answers.
Hope developers will improve such MIDI features support in future releases (if it possible)…