Behringers New Controllers @ Namm '12

Hello Renoisers!

First, I love renoise. I’m a drummer who got into computer music due to apartment-dwelling and started out in Reaper. Then used buzz for a bit, now stuck with Renoise for a while and am loving it! Wish I could go back and start Renoise sooner…

Did a quick search but didn’t see a topic about these yet. I love step sequencers (odd for a drummer? haha) and as soon as I saw this I thought “Column step sequencer!” Let alone the possibilities with the other “modular” controllers…

Full line-up HERE.


Greetings and welcome to the community! Make sure you post your finished drum creations in our Song Forum. :)

Thank you! Will do, I’m loving renoise. It’s great for working with breaks.

Nice. I was thinking of getting a BCR2000 for rotary knobs, but instead, I’ll be looking at this now: