Being Able To Make Real "drops" In Automation.


This is how automation is limited today, when trying to drop the automation curve from max to min, you get a short fade instead of a direct drop:

I’d like to be able to go from 100% to 0% in “no time”, like demonstrated in the next picture.

This would simply make the automation more flexible.

Thanks for this incredible software!

// zuran_

Change that box in the bottom of your screenshot from ‘linear’ to ‘points’ now you can make drops like you want :)


What would be cool & isn’t possible right now is to mix up points, linear & cubic in the same automation window!

How embarrassing :) Thank you!

No problem mate, in the past I’ve asked for exactly the same thing here! :)


Because of the impossibility to have the different automation types in one pattern, ‘joining selection’ will only get you one type. This isn’t very elegant! Any devs reading this please take notice.

this i didn’t know eighter… supporting no-know-how. . . rtfm. phfff. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s not good. Mixed automation types would be nice indeed.


Your theme looks very nice! I would love to try it! Please upload it.

That’s just the png format that has messed up the colors, making it look darker than it really is. I actually use the darker version of the default theme. Never had the patience for theme tweaking :)

Thanks anyway

Edit: The theme I use is called Default_alt.xml, not that it matters since it won’t look like on the screenshots anyways :)

Hold on a second! Using point automation is NOT a solution to this issue… there have been many times I’ve needed to have sharp drops in volume, then SMOOTH ramping up… it might be a case of needing multiple automation types, or perhaps even more automation resolution… but it’s still not fixed by saying “just use point mode”

Um, yeah. +1

Thanks for clarifying! This possibility would be much appreciated!