Bell sounds with Overtune

When you combine the tools Overtune and AwesomeSawce, bell sounds are very easy to make on your own!! yay!!!

Overtune advised settings:

  • Step 1: sin(X+sin(X)sin(X3))
  • all the other params: leave default

AwesomeSawce advised settings (possibly after duplicating):

  • Count: 04 One Tuned?: Yes
  • Detune: 07
  • Osc. Type: User
  • Tuning Dir.: Up&Down
  • Tuning Res.: Semitone
  • Tuning Slope: Linear
  • all the other params: leave default

add a volume envelope that’s only a short decay. Turn it’s Sustain Off and set Release to 0 (yes, weird words for making sure it runs the entire envelope, but it works)

final tip. Add a multitap and play.

You don’t want the demo you really wanna do this urself :D

This is another cool formula to put at the first:
or for example a recursive type of formula:
where the influence of frequency modulators can be controlled by changing the 2 at the end

Finally figured out how to use these nice tools =)

Please don’t think i’m a complete retard, but could you post an example .xrns or .xrni? I followed your instructions above, but mine doesn’t sound much like a bell :unsure: :wacko:


I’ll post something real soon.
maybe you forgot this part?

or maybe you have the older AS version, that didn’t have a ‘semitone’ mode yet.


demoing various overtune+awesomesawce functions, sounds, together of course with renoise native fx