Bellish Harmonics Drum And Bass Track By Laffik

Here’s track with sample of bell harmonics made in Renoise some time ago.

I may be getting ADD in my old age or maybe it’s a sign of my current taste in music, but the track seemed to drag on without much variation for too long. The idea itself was quite nice. Haven’t heard the ‘clownstep’ beat in a while…I think even something as simple as adding ‘incidental ambient sounds’ to the track would go a long way to make it less tiring to listen to…simple things like echos thrown in here and there, incomprehensible vocal snips, metalic clanks with huge reverb, etc. Just something that gives space and time to the track because as it is, it feels like after the 7 minutes of listening to it, I probably listened 6 minutes too long.

Looking forward to future efforts.

I agree with hseiken. The idea is cool with the groovy feel and bouncy bass, but I got tired of it after 1:30.
And the bass maybe would benefit from one additional low-ish layer.

Crikey! Goddamit! I’ve been thinking that the beat and bass is groovy enough to listen it over and over again… Damn! :blink:

@ Laffik - I feel ya and know what you mean. Just know that when you make a tune and you can groove to it for hours, it doesn’t mean that’s the way other people feel. It DOES mean that your song is on the right track if you can do that…but looping it for 7 minutes and calling it done isn’t the way to go in that situation. Something that works for me sometimes is I’ll copy a pattern, strip away many elements and rebuild it in a different direction (You can do this any number of times you want) then morph between all the different ‘takes’ on the original element. It keeps the original loop in tact in some form or fashion and makes it more interesting for the listener to progress through. Even things like multiple sections work wonders…take two or 3 separate loop ideas you have then mash them together. You can sometimes find sweet harmony and new roads to take your tune doing this. Keep on truckin!

I know, I know… but, let’s look on this track from another point of view. This track is just as to be cut in wax. ;) It’s party track. DJ select 40 secs. from the middle in the point that is most convenient for the moment of the party and nobody gets bored at all. :rolleyes: