Bending of envelopes tempo dependent?

While noodling around with the pitch envelopes and bending, it seems to me that the bending of the lines is tempo dependent in any case, even in non-sync-mode, but shouldn’t. It differs by bpm. Or is this happening because the bending points use the pattern’s “grid resolution”?

So, is it known that the instrument envelopes rely on the pattern grid? This is making sounddesign quite imprecise and tempo dependent. IMHO the envelopes should play exactly the same at any tempo, as soon as you set it to millisecond-sync. Can’t the millisecond mode not rely on the pattern timing mechanism at all?

Do you experience the same problem? Or could this considered as a bug?

PS: Could be possible that I made a mistake in setup, since I barely use the instrument layer stuff except for drums.

Hello @taktik , do you think this is normal or should I provide an example?

Ok, since taktik doesn’t seem to like me anymore, I ask you guys. Here is an example:

bug-bending.xrns (3.9 MB)

If you change the BPM, also the kick tone (cutoff curve) and tone length and other stuff will vary. Did I setup it in a wrong way?

Shouldn’t there be a mode that sounds same all the time, not dependent on BPM? What did I wrong here, or is it a conceptual problem?