Bending The Lines In And Out On The Lfo

would love to see this, i did this in ms paint lol

I understadn what you mean with “curve bending”, but you can already draw a custom line using the mouse while keeping the right button pressed

This reminds me… adding FX to LFO waveforms… If you add full scream filter distortion you end up with what would be, if it was and audible signal, clicks… if you add a chorus or flanger the waveform goes crazy…

+15 for curvebending :)

very nice idea… something similar could be obtained usign the SignalFollower device and a track as signal generator for the LFO

Yet again I will say Renoise really needs Bezier Curves! Been saying this since the first day I picked up the program.

“Linear”, “Cubic”, “Slow”, “Fast”, plus of course the ability to position points directly above/below each other (which has been asked before in a thread that I can’t find).

possibility to load samples would be cool + the other suggestions :)

Talking about the automation curve in the LFO… Is it possible to zoom in the curve to have a more precise editing? Because the more lines I set the automation curve to, the more unprecise the editing gets. Quite annoying tbh.

Not currently, but I proposed a few ideas for this not long ago: