Benefits Of Speed 02?

Ok, I promise not to ask another question in a while, but I have to ask this. Please don’t kill me :badteeth:

I read somewhere on the forum earlier that “the benefits of speed 02 have been discussed at great length” or something like that.
I tried to find it but failed.

Is this fer reals?

WTF are benefits of speed 02?

easier programming of fast-triggered notes.

Isn’t speed 01 twice better for that?

speed 2 would still allow for some retrig

… whilst still not being as much pattern data as speed 1

I was comparing to the standard speed of 6 to be honest :)

Yes, speed 1 will give you an even greater control, but it will make the empty sections between notes horrid, length-wise.

All speeds have their uses and sometimes it’s fun to experiment with what you can achieve by different extreme settings.

I prefer speed 16

[ignore this]speed 42[/ignore this]

you could have just used the fnord tags

i usually use speed 3 on 180-200bpm

Might be or might not be…
Just to make some things a bit more obvious in technical sense:
Speed 2
A-4 01 7f e1

Is the same as

Speed 1
A-4 01 7f
A-4 01 7f

It is all ticks… speed is ticks… if you make each line as fast as one tick, then retrigging means to consume as many sequential lines in a row as you need…

The advantage of speed 1 is noticable when you make a subtile difference like this:

Speed 2
A-4 01 7f e1

Is not the same as

Speed 1
A-4 01 7f
A-4 01 20

Yes with speed 2 you have to type less to get the same result when using retrig, but with speed 1 you can craft more differences.

I suppose that you could use volume retriggering on the effect command as well to achieve the same trick with speed 2… but then you need again to enter more data.

Any more good speed 1 vs speed > 1 ideas?