Berlin, Renoise And Venetian Snares

I recently moved to Berlin (I’m italian now it’s been a week since I moved here). I’m pretty sure there are a lot of berliner renoisers and I was wondering if you know about some Renoise events (I saw there was a music hack day last year, for example) or anything.

Then, on September 27 there is Venetian Snares at Berghain/Panorama Bar ( Is anyone here going? They told that it is difficult to enter this place. Is this true? Even if you buy the ticket in advance?


I don’t know for the renoise events but I moved from France to Leipzig four month ago and heard about that club in Berlin : indeed it seems to be quite hard to enter in it. Notably, some people told me that you shouldn’t speak another a foreign language in front of the bouncers because they particularly don’t like the idea of tourists come in.

I don’t know how much is true but several persons I trust told me so !..

Good luck for you move anyway and enjoy the city !

That makes me think I know live two hours in car from it and still never visited it

I will be there. sometimes it’s difficult to get in, the guys in the entrance act weird sometimes. but if you have a ticket then you’re good to go. its on a thursday and I believe berghain doesnt really get going until saturday, thats when everyone is jacked up and really wanna get in, thus making the bouncers more pissed off. I think they dont like drunk obnoxious tourists… so on a thursday there shouldnt be any problems, but its been awhile since I was there…

where in berlin do you live?

ok, cool then : D

I live in Helmholtzstr, in Charlottenburg.

found this!–-‘berghain’-door-policy-how-to-get-in-–-‘ota-berlin-constituency-blog’-contributor-evo-lucien-tells-you-how/

might not be a definitive truth about berghain, but it does have some good advice about manners in the queue etc.
ahh berlin <3 <3 <3 the only club I was not let into is golden gate on the blue line (8 or 7 seven I think) but thats because I came with a big group of people and everyone had different plans on how to get in and were drunk and high. but I went there other times without them and the bouncers were okay with me then. so go alone or with a friend, sober :)

nice to know. venetian snares was in leipzig, too, last year. i missed this chance. hmm, i have heard that the chance to get into berghain is easier for young slim men :rolleyes:. they are a lot of myths out there about berghains door politic. thursday, no good day for me. have to work, no free day possible.

As far as I heard that show was great. Just to know, do you make some music in Leipzig ? Anyway don’t hesitate to PM if you hear about a good gig around. Since I’m there I’ve mostly been to hardcore punk concerts, which is cool but I’d like to see good electronic gigs as well. I don’t really know where to search though.


i don´t go out really often in the last years. but there are a lot of good gigs in conne island I don´t know if you are familiar with german, but take a look at in plagwitz there are a lot of little temporary events. what is your favourite style of music?

i play around in my spare time. searching for my sound-tools at the moment. started with the book “handmade electronics”, checked out pure data and super collider. everything ends up in renoise. just experiments, sketches, no complete tracks. have a lot to learn and still reading a lot of manuals.

I’d love to visit Berlin one day…

Thanks for the links ! I should have check Conne Island site sooner, and as for the forum it’s exactly the kind of thing I should get into (my German isn’t great yet but it’s probably enough to grab some information here and there).

I’m mostly into electronic music (braindance, experimental, acid… and alike) but I’m quite eclectic. My room mates often goes to punk concerts and most of the time I go with them, but I’d also like to see electronic concerts (other than “illegal parties” which are not completely my thing but which are nice from times to times though).

And it’s true a lot of little things is happening in Plagwitz (where we live) but I don’t think I’ve found the better way to catch the information about them so far. I feel it has a lot to do with knowing people so it should get better with the time !

eclecticism is good. i´m mostly into electronics. after long stupid minimal and endless after hour sessions i found back to electronica, idm and ambient stuff like tim hecker (he was live in berlin in february, great gig in a church in kreuzberg). i grew up with breakbeat and jungle stuff (lived before in mannheim, THE jungle city here in germany in the nineties).

it´s true. to catch the real cool stuff you have to know people. my information ressources are not so sophisticated at the moment. im not into the social network stuff, my information ressources are mostly residentadvisor (the “commercial” stuff).

a nice temporary location in plagwitz is craftraum. they announce events not on the official page. the people there are really relaxed, but the parties are the typical dj events, with floors with other music like 80ies. distillery (another underground “commercial”) has also nice events from time to time.

are you a student? from france to east germany is not such a common move. sorry if i´m too nosey.

i remember some nice times in club la laitrie in straßbourg. i grew up near the french borderline but missed the chance to learn the language.

@ osrnd : my reply is in your PM ! (let’s keep the thread clean)

i have the same idea, but i was too lazy to make it happen :wink:

How about creating a small meetup of Berlin’s Renoisers?
Sorry if someone said this before, i’m quite short in time…

Would be cool for me : D
Are you in Berlin too?

first: sorry for misusing this thread.

i´m interested too in a meeting for renoise users. in berlin or maybe in leipzig (don´t know, i have seen 2 users here). missed these berlin hack day :(.

ah berlin been there 3 times ,last time was this summer , I have a friend who lives there .
One day I’ll stay there for real , thing is a lot of people move to berlin , and some berliners really really hate it , the foreigners taking over the party scene etc … talking about people with bad taste and all .

yes, this is the great discussion. the over-hype of a city. a lot of changes happened in the last 8 years. but berlin and bad taste fits together. i think the real berliners like the old ugly 00ies architecture lifestyle much more then the new lofts. but in the 80ies it was a closed system. if you don´t want to go to the army you have to move to west-berlin and stay there since your 28 birthday is over. this city has the strangest history in the whole world.
for me this city ist too big, there are too much possibilities, so you can go out every day. to easy to lost myself in this structures.

when i´m in berlin, im a stranger, too. so i can´t really imagine how the situation is for real.

sooo did everyone get in? :)

I did : D
It was pretty cool