Berlusconi Funk


I have been using renoise for about four days, it would be very nice if somebody in here could tell me what he/she(no girls on teh intarwebs?) thinks about what I did:

(Warning: My inability to equalize correctly may have hazardous consequences)

Thank you very much!

Oh, and I’m from France! L’ Amour, le Pain, le Vin, une Marmelade!

I used indie/funk breaks, some xptis gathered around here, and samples from one verrrry interesting news program on the TV(French :/). I recorded a little guitar too.


So you edited out the download link, or I need glasses? :)

i was faster! :) (i did forget it! )

Nice title & funky guitar samples + strange things happening in the mix with sudden volume boosts and cuts. The eq’ing on the bass track should be discarded imo. You could also improve the mixing by adding dsp’s to the tracks, like it feels uncompressed and dry. Experiment with adding compressors and reverbs on different settings.

Track has fun written over it, keep it up!

Oh you mean that needs compression… I’ll look into this ,the poor guitar player doesn’t have a slightest idea about what a compressor is! :)

fun written over it? you must understand french then? (the audio samples)

Anyways, thanks for the advice!

Wiki will give a better explanation, but…a compressor basically adjusts volume levels in a signal, so softer parts get louder and harder parts softer. This way the signal can be boosted and stick out more in a mix.

Having all your channels compressed won’t mean you have a super duper track, though over compressed sound seems to be the fashion if you listen to pop music :).

If you want I can look at your .xrns song file and do some basic tweakage. Actually, just try it out yourself! Go to the track dsp’s tab and add one compressor to the drum track for example. Go through the presets till you find something that sounds as a good starting point. You can tweak the parameters if necessary. I think if you play around with dynamics for a while you’ll soon get the hang of it.

I have tried to add compression, although i can’t get any feeling out of it, maybe because I didnt push it enough?

Would be cool if you could do such a tweak:

Thank you very much for your time! Off to bed now, mathematics awaits me tomorrow! :)

Having a quick glance at your song, imo the main ‘problem’ is that first track with the bitcrushed ‘viral flux’ sample’s programming in the pattern editor.

The places where notes overlap, there is a sudden jump in volume (at around step 32 in the pattern). Imo just adding a compressor here wouldn’t help much. I’d change the levels of the programmed notes first.

Will have another look tomorrow, need some sleep too…thank god no mathematics lol.

Ah, you are right… indeed this is disturbing to the ear. I’m gonna try to tweak that, and again thanks for your time…

No problem :) . I’d also take a look at pattern nr four in the first track. You’re automating the volume of that viral flux sample, increasing volume and the wet level in the bit crusher device.

Probably as some kind of tension build up, which is a cool idea, but right now it is much to loud imo compared to the other channels. Grts R

I applied these advices and i modified some other stuff that I did not like… If you want to listen to this :
Thanks fot the insights again!


direct link

Nice one, you took away the rough edges in that first sample track to make it easier digestible :) .

At around 24 seconds there is a small clipping sound which you could look at if being nit-picky + Looking at the stream-able waveform in soundcloud I can tell there is room left for some gain. Have you tried adding Renoise’s maximizer dsp to the master channel? Click on ‘init’ in the dsps gui and choose a preset. You’ll probably notice an immediate increase in volume.

All these dynamic things are second to the music actually being programmed of course (there are professionals for that type of stuff), but nevertheless a good thing to start looking at even in the beginning phase of creating a track (imo).



Ooh, that’s what I get from not looking closely at my break sample, glitches…
Damn you actually have a pretty good ear to hear something like this!

I’ll look for the other glitches… yeah now I understand that this makes a difference! We guitar/bass players have little consideration for tiny scratchy sounds ,as we usually play overdriven anyways! :D

Thanks again :)

No problem + this is just an opinion. Most important thing is what you want & like…that little glitch could just as well be testimony of my perfectionism ;) .