Berotracker Features!


BeroTracker Load Multiple song , and play this at the same time if you want:

Have Piano roll, and if you click with right mouse button in the effect column it’s show the effect parameter, cool

When this feature in Renoise?

I love Renoise!!!

Woah, where did this tracker come from?

Is it a port of ModPlug or something?

Berotracker is known since a long time but it seems that the dev is really fast. it’s coded in freepascal and it has nothing to do with ModPlug (but it looks like ModPlug a little bit)

nevertheless it’s still named pre-alpha version and imho the usability of the UI isn’t the best.

Unfortunatly the pianoroll of berotracker is no use as it is mono only.

Berotracker lacks a lot of the features which make me prefere Renoise.

He has a tendency to implement features before thinking them thru…

But still it is a nice tracker and if he continue at this speed it might become better than Renoise in a year or two.

In general, coding new features can go quite fast. But testing, correcting and making features stable and fit into the whole concept is virtually an endless job. Imho software can’t be compared by features only.

It looks very similar to modplug…
I was never satisfied with it specially because of all the latency problems that were swirling around it.

But if Windhoze is the only opportunity left… (that or using an old PC with DOS and an old tracker having no VST’s etc.)

the sound is ROCK SOLID, the interface :rolleyes:
it looks just like modplug in alot of ways, even made me think it was built from openmodplug wild.
aodix is much nicer, but no samples!

(the interface drove me insane)