Best Alternative For A 2 Osc Synthesiser Vst

Was wondering if anybody on this forum had some hints/tips for a synth
that resembled the Superwave Trance-Pro synth?

i know there’s a lot of alternatives, but to shorten the search a bit
i thought that it was a shortcut asking my fellow noisemakers :P


– Key features i’m looking for is Arpeggiator, Polyphony, Various filter options,
and Not made with SynthEditor (take use of multiple cores).

– under 50-60 euros
zebra computer cm edition
there also ‘dominator’ published by computer music ( coded by antti from smartelectronix ;;he did asynth,augur etc…)…he also does the filter algo’s for the upcoming ‘john bowen solaris synth’ …anyway he’s a great coder and dominator is a great synth …don’t mind the stupid cm logo and ugly colours .

If you search the web you’ll find it somewhere it’s really good

Yeah. i allready had Tal-Elektro. but not the II update. thanks. Excelent sound and filters in that.
But it doesn’t have a arpeggiator.

I have also found Synth1 to be useful. and it got a Arp. but the interface kills my joy. is there any way to change the theme of it?

could you check if the slide to note function is working like it should on Tal-Elek7ro II on your setup?
it doesn’t seem to work at all here. :\

seconding kaneel’s vote for oatmeal. powerful, powerful synthesizer, that.

i find Oatmeal very interesting, but still hate the theme and layout. But the tweaking possibility’s
and the sound weigh up for it. nice one. Thank you. :)

well then download some of the other themes that made for it?seach KVR

There’s even a Renoise theme for Oatmeal if I can remember correctly. $_$