best chiptune/8bit vst?

anyone here use chiptune or 8bit samples in their work? if so, what vst do you use? i myself am in love with old school 8bit sounds. for awhile i was using SIDstation but it was quite lacking. then i had stumbled upon a vst called “ICECREAM” which is very good but also very buggy. i use the windows version of renoise on linux so i can use all of my windows vst plugins (yes, i also use the renoise linux version), and ICECREAM seems to be very very buggy when ran thru the windows emulator. i had then found “Plogue Chiptunes” with the “ARIA” engine and this plugin is AMAZING it takes chiptunes and 8 & 16bit vsts to the next level. if you’re into old school sound tunes, i suggest checking out Plogue’s software.

You can already do most of that stuff in Renoise with just the pattern commands and phrase editor.

I like just using a dedicated chip tracker for chiptune, because usually the instrument editor is just better than anything you can find in a plugin. Famitracker is by far my favorite. Deflemask is really good, and does multiple systems, but I wish it had a “stereo” SID mode like Goattracker. I have chipsounds by plogue and I just really hate its instrument editor, I find it very difficult to do very simple things, and there’s some things it just can’t do.

Before “phrases” i sometimes used plogue chipsounds

What is the best I don’t know but look at this Page its a great resource for cheaptune vsti…

I’m not really getting the purpose of this thread. Are you trying to say that Plogue synth is the best for chiptunes? I don’t understand why the name of this thread is a question then.
One way or another, using a VSTi trying to emulate chipsound is an overkill. Renoise is a tracker. Find some good single cycle waveforms and you’re ready to go. You’ve already got all the modulation stuff and all the pitch commands (Gxx, Vxx and so on).

What’s so great about Renoise is that you can load VSTi’s into it to make it sound like a tracker. :rolleyes:

Renoise can even make coffee… ok then im waiting for someone to make a close feeling c64 tune in renoise without any emulation… stop talking shit peoples… thanks

i don’t know how to make renoise modulate pulse width, which is by far what i associate most with my c64, dunno why

i find it a valid question

You can use the saw tooth played against detuned ramp trick. The problem with this is that the pwm speed will track the key pitch because the the pwm is created by the frequency difference between the two oscillators. Since the beat speed of a detuned sound changes as you play up and down the keys, so the speed of the pulse width size change follows that. Not ideal, really. Maybe in r3 you could figure out how to keep the detune of the second oscillator locked to the same relative difference in the way the ‘beat frequency’ function works on a sub phatty or that Cypher vst by fxpansion and the pwm trick would be properly usable.

Don’t forget to invert the phase of one of the saw waves

“You can use the saw tooth played against detuned ramp trick.” <— as i said, saw against ramp. Ramp being common name of inverted saw.

Anyway. Like many tricks, almost works about 90% :rolleyes:

you know what? i’ll try that B) thanks!

kinda crazy *g but plausible at the same time…

edit: today i btw managed to get a saw by dragging above the sample editor, along the line, then linear fading in the thing and getting a saw with DC. then realizing that the DC filter produces little ripples :blink:

if there were a expand function that expands a waveform to have amplitude -1 +1, that would be handy, wouldn’t it? like “Maximize Volume (allow DC offset)”

My best results have come from the draw tool, but I’ve made “chipmusic” with a “Juno-60” VST, anything that can make the basic waves will do.

im not trying to say that plogue is the best anything… im asking people what the best chiptune software is for them and stating what is the best for me… i guess i should have set a diff. title for the thread like “what is your fav. chiptune vst” or something like that, but i cant change it now.

EDIT: List of vst and non vst that have interested me, some of which is mentioned already.

I used to have Plogue Chipsounds, gave up on it after a while. I realized I just need the gameboy/nes sound, not every single chip,
or the add on features for the gameboy/nes.

Thanks for the thread update, decided to look around, figure I’ll use this, its basic.
google translated website:
Works with Renoise 3.0.0. beta as I write this.

I still like Nanoloop though, enough to maybe somehow include that in my palette of sounds, not samples, synthesis.
Although with Renoise moving forward, sampling Nanoloop doesn’t sound bad at all.

Noizefield - Noizedrumz Vol.2 [nanoloop] for NI Maschine & NI Kontakt

Don’t know the reputation on this one…
chip tracker:

nes tracker

sega mega drive vst

game emulator driven LSDJ

game emulator drive Neil Baldwn’s Tools

I use VSTi’s very rarely, but if any i think quadraSID is a nice one for C64 sound.

Another thing to keep in mind, which can easily be forgotten in combination with modern sequencers,
is how these chips were sequenced and the techniques behind some of the sound design.

The following playlist link is more focused on the nes…

i just use Kontakt Libraries for that. Plogue Chipsounds is too overloaded and i have no fun to spend years creating a single Sound. If a VST for that, then Refx QuadraSID