Best delay VST?


I am looking for a replacement VST for Renoise’s multitap delay, to make my efforts cross-DAW compatible. It should not mimic a hardware gear or tape device, but instead providing a very modern digital delay instead. But also I would love to have some of the following features:

  • Slick, streamlined UX

  • Multiple lanes, just like multitap, but also a real pingpong only with one lane, left and right per lane, based on a mono lane.

  • LFOs for controlling various parameters, syncable with host, also custom shape :slight_smile:

  • Lot of copy/paste helpers, mute buttons for lanes, dry, filters etc.

  • More accurate filter control for the taps, the slope of the filter

  • A “blur” over time (so again processing feedback buffer)

  • Modification of feedback buffer: E.g. adding a slight stereo spread or slight mono-er to it, do spread or shrink the echo over time

I already looked into a bunch of the common ones, like PSP, D16, Melda, but all seem to be pretty cluttered to use to me. Fabfilter Timeless looks ok, but lacks of some features for me, too, also the GUI looks kind of outdated. Also I would be happy if it has a reasonable price. Any ideas for me? E.g. the logic delay designer is pretty powerful, but the GUI is awful and it is not available outside of Logic.

Btw. for people who like dub, try Audiority Echoes, it is the best sounding delay I heard so far, and I think I heard many.

I suppose your ideal delay does not exist with all of your features mentioned above, at least i don’t know any besides maybe throwing together some Reaktor ensemble which might be doable with everything you wish for. My personal favorite is Replika XT. from normal delays to really whacky stuff it’s qute versatile and the price is pretty fine if you own their older freebie Replika. Even if not, it can be found cheap at the KVR Marketplace. Also black friday deals might be a good chance to upgrade for half price. My second choice would be Sandman Pro from Unfiltered Audio, again it can do from normal delays to really exotic stuff a ton of different flavours and if you hunt down one of their vouchers at KVR you can get it for a decent price, they also run sales regularly. Has an excellent modulation system unlike Replika XT, but i simply use the host for that if needed. A third one just mentioned here which looks nice, but i haven’t tried it out persnally is UVI Relayer.

Maybe this one is worth demoing? It’s the one I’m mostly curious about…

taldub is a good solid delay, and its free

NI replikais great too - was once free as an xmaspresent. Always watch NI around Christmas!

-tal dub x ( payware )

-new ohmforce is also pretty good

-u-he colour copy

-soundtoys echoboy

-reaper delay (as vst plug ) is also pretty good , unlimited taps etc

I use my own reaktor build delay , if you have reaktor you can get it here ( it’s pretty damn good )



ReaDelay (from ReaPlugs). I use in both Renoise and Reaper.

Also (totally serious here) Korg MDE-X. Still holds up as a great little multifx today, and has a nice tap delay

fabfilter timeless 2

sonic charge echobode