Best Drum Pad Sp1200/MPC style controller?

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I am looking for a basic (basically not Maschine or anything over $200) drum pad sequencer that I can use with Renoise. I understand that any controller will work but I am looking for sth that I can throw a few samples into using my PC and then turn off the screen and make some simple hip hop style beats. The ability to control pitch/volume and play/record is pretty much all I want.

I am not looking to ‘replace’ Renoise with this, I just want to be able to come up with some basic rhythms that I can then work on properly (meaning turn monitor back on) and craft the rhythms more with VSTs etc.

I was thinking about IRIG Pads or AKAI MPD, or even sth a little more obscure like this,dna-m-pad-przenosny-interfejs-kontroler-midi-usb

Forgive my description of needs, hope it is understandable.

Thanks in advance.

MPD series are suitable for your needs in specific. I owned several MPDs - 26/32 (older series), mpc studio black. I can say that by comparing the pad sensitivity and feel, the newer mpc studio black is waaay more pleasant for the fingers… Apart from options to tweak sensitivity & threshold.

I’d second some cheap 5 octave midi keyboard instead, since you could jam the rhythm, and also play bass lines, melodies etc… it exponentially gives you more options, but if that’s not what you’re after, i understand that as well…

looks okay but i’m more interested in the pad specification - compared to newer maschine / mpd (mpc) models…

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Novation circuit.You can load samples to it and use it without pc and it is also a sequancer.Maybe wait a bit there is a rumor that novation will release circuit 2 soon but the first version is great buy

Thanks guys, appreciate the responses!