Best flexible universal ASIO driver on windows

here’s the GUI version too, since the original doesn’t have it.
dechamps handles the driver itself, and flipswitchingmonkey made a GUI for us to use. :smiley:

so just FYI, you install the gui version first then update the driver, with dechamps most recent version.

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any major advantages over something like ASIO4ALL?


Running very smoothly and the lowest in cpu. Thanks very much-

what about the FL Asio drivers?

I have tried but didn’t sound good in Renoise, how to say, something like a muddy sound. Maybe just on my machine…


I think the advantage is support for shared mode and not only exclusive. It means you can play audio from more apps at the same time.

asio4all use audio kernel directly and flexasio use open source library. asio4all should be faster. From my point of view, flexasio is not so user friendly.