Best folder to save instruments?

Tried saving a mod of a Renoise lead synth, but getting this message:

Cannot save into directory ‘C:\Program Files\Renoise 3.1.0\Resources\Library\Instruments\Leads’.

This directory will be overwritten by Renoise when installing new versions.

Please choose a different directory, then save the file again.

Any suggestions where best to save modded synths?

Any suggestions where best to save modded synths?

Pretty much any folder you prefer to use that isn’t inside Program Files (inside Renoise’s protected program folder, to be exact).

Maybe your Documents folder?

Maybe C:\Audio\XRNI\ ?

It really doesn’t matter — Just pick one that makes sense to you. :wink:

In Renoise’s Disk Browser you can navigate to your custom folder, then right-click one of the 1/2/3/4 preset buttons to save that location for easy recall later.

Thanks DG! Guess its no big deal, getting a bit OCD about filing systems and trying to avoid music folders in random places.

OK - done a little bit more clicking round, and found a small ‘head’ icon in far right panel by content loader window. This goes to ‘User Library’: (C:\Users\McLovin’\Documents\Renoise\User Library\Instruments).

The button under this goes straight back to Renoise bundled Instruments.

My OCD is very happy at this point!

This software is looking really, really good.