Best Google "tech Talk" Ever.

This is quite possibly one of the most revealing videos I’ve ever watched. If you’re interested in starting to see through the veil of deception the media hangs in front of us, you very much need to watch this vid.

yeah, interesting video (i wouldnt call it most revealing though, its quite obvious that PR firms, lobbyist, governments etc are trying to manipulate and are manipulating with public oppinion) but i didnt like the way he talk. The flow could be more fluent and less stuttering, it made it kinda unpleasant to listen to.

Well what I found to be revealing are the underlying concepts of PR… the fact that there is not only admittance, but encouragement of “shaping culture” using propaganda… that they actually have a predefined, working, proven set of methods to dismantle the credibility of their opposers, and to make the truth seem ludicrous. It’s absolutely overwhelming to think that for years upon years, our entire culture has been under the attack of very effective disinformation warriors, very much shaping how we see the world. Viral memetics seems like a new concept to the public, but the PR industry has been using it for years to spread very effective propaganda.

At the very least, It’s a game of confusing the public so much they don’t know what to believe… so the PR people position themselves in an area the public probably sees as an authority, so they can “clear up” their confusion. I have to wonder now how many “underground” information sources are actually crafty PR people.

No, he’s not a talented speaker, but he’s honest - the part about “preaching to the choir” especially.
But to me, the documentary “The Corporation” was the real eye-opener. It asks the following question: since a corporation enjoys a legal status of a “person”, what kind of a person would that be?

The answer: evidence suggests that we are dealing with a psychopath.

The corporation just skims the surface imo… corporations are one thing… the very real people behind their disinformation campaigns are another. The fact that these people knowingly and very consciously distort as many people’s views as possible, and have been doing so for decades, is absolutely mind blowing.

Love stuff like this.

but PR has formed my opinion to prefer 3 min summaries

PR is a synonym for “propaganda machine” … their goal is not to advertise product, but to actually change society though well placed lies to make the public more willing to accept their product or potentially more sinister plans. Their underlying principles are based on human suggestibility, and our tendency to use emotion to make what should be logic-based decisions, along with our inability to find objective reference for everything we hear (this is an important part of the equasion) … this is not a conspiracy theory, this is taken directly from the writings of the founders of the Public Relations movement.

What this means:
YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO. What you percieve as social truth has been manipulated and dulled down to take away your rage and your passion. You are being socially sedated via a complex power structure that uses various media to penetrate the trust barrier of the social meme. DO NOT TRUST WHAT YOU READ OR HEAR without finding PROOF. Perhaps you don’t care that these people have been stringing people along for years, with issues ranging from your perception of the safety of the foods you eat, to “terrorism” and war. There are just as many PR people working to make you think sugar and aspartame are safe as there are PR people making sure there isn’t another rebellion against the war on terror reminiscient of the hippy movement. This is the truth of your reality.

I would have to disagree. Corporations employ people too, and have been the PR companies’ clients right from the beginning, making it possible to advance the “art” of deception to it’s current heights. If you have a copy of the Corporation DVD, you’ll know that it has hours of extra material, not shown in the TV version or anywhere else.

i say, don’t get to caught up in this, paranoid schizophrenia is a bitch.

just ask micheal moore.

crazyness has a way of infecting anyone who battles it.

Paranoid schizophrenia is a medical condition which cannot be contracted socially.

Micheal Moore is as much a propaganda artist as anyone from the big US PR firms.

It’s not insane to check sources and references, it’s just good practise; any university should teach you this. The more you do it, the more you will realize that for the most part, the mass media has no valid objective source to their claims.

As for paranoia, being paranoid about things simply dismantles your credibility, and that’s what those in power want. They need you to look insane so they can continue spreading their lies.

doing battle with them provokes greater battles, continuing to do so leads you in their direction, doing their job for them.

the left does the work of the right.
the right provokes, the left litigates.

So we should let them dominate, and be but compliant, sedate sheep? Should we ignore the truth of the matter while our society accumulates more and more potentially disastrous practises? We could fix many things if only people would wake up… lose their apathy… and start taking action. But alas, it’s easier to sit back and presume that things will inherently work out on their own. We’re so busy scurrying around worrying about insignificant personal shit that we miss the big picture entirely. Too bad most people don’t realize just how many of their personal problems are a result of what we’re talking about here.

Oh well, I guess we should just let the chips fall where they may?

that is clearly not what i am writing you.

spitting negativity is paralleling your stream of consciousness with. the. problem.

paralyzing any solution.

Nice place to start is here:…y_and_the_Media

Noam’s a fricken genius. :yeah:

OK so apart from mentioning a mental condition, which is an known psychiatric disorder, you’re telling us that by fighting that “crazyness”, we’ll become similar to what we’re fighting? Think about it, didn’t that choice of words just come out wrong?

You will become Exactly what you are fighting, if you have not done so already.

remember the hippies…

i would say you probably have been previously infected, all on the basis you took words out of context yet referenced my words you left out of context.

craziness on display my friend. and that is only a small side effect.

introspect, and hope.

Sorry dude, but most of the hippies were never representative of their chosen subculture in the first place. There were a small few that held up the hippy ideal… and I highly doubt the ones that truly did ever turned into immoral corporate whores. That is, I’m sure any of the ones that are CEOs are still trying to create positive social change, just from the other end. The fact is, with any movement, there will be the ones that truly believe in the cause, and the ones that are simply along for the ride, not really understanding what’s going on anyway. It’s those followers that end up changing because they are naturally just that… followers.

Your philosophy of “becoming what you fight” is also somewhat flawed… mainly because it’s only true if you’re using their methods. If I follow Gandhi’s lead and fight violence with love, I will never become a warpig.

The only time you become what you fight is if you fight fire with fire.

… also, as the philosophy is usually “you become what you hate”, I should point out that I don’t hate. With certain people I feel disappointment, frustration, and confusion, and I strive to make change, but I don’t by any means hate. Hate is for those that hate themselves.

wisdom +1 :)