BEST IDEA EVER: Control Effects chain or Macros with Modulation

I know this is fairly obvious but I just thought how powerfulit would be to be able to automate a samples fx chain in the mod section.

I’m bringing a vocal in with a super wide stereoimage and as it ends it becomes mono…I could do so much more it was reachable in the modulation section.

Even adding macro control is a good option, bot not the ultimate.

Has this been mentioned before?


I’ve already done this. This way: Use a layered dc sample with volume envelope. route to extra track in inst.fx, with signal follower and then gainer to -inf to mute the envelope. let signal follower control the stereo expander, or any other fx.


Can you give an example?

Full-on macro Automation in phrases would sweet

Sure, here I made an example instrument with vocal context automating stereo expander (and flanger) via mod envelope. The envelope is synced to timecodes in the sample editor, set the lower ruler/scale to “minutes” to be able to find timecodes that are spot on. Signal follower will need a little lookahead.