Best Mac Keyboard For Renoise

Mac Users,

Is it just me, or does your Apple keyboard lack most of the keys used in the standard OS X key bindings? Has anyone yet found a keyboard which contains all the keys contained within the standard OS X keybindings? Yes, I could just change them, but I’d rather not do that.

Which ones are you referring to? I got the AppleKeyboard with NumPad and I’ve been pretty happy. Mind you, I’m an ex-ImpulseTracker user so pretty much change everything as I go.
p.s. did you enable the function keys?

yeah the new thin keyboard for the imac lacks a lot. I switched to an older keyboard that looks just like a PC-keyboard. not as nice to press on, and the keys make more noise, but has all the keys I want.

I just use a PC keyboard; you can pick them up for next to nothing and they give you all the keys you need. They look like ass, but what can you do?

well, how about this:

or just put in the extra buck and get this:

seriously though, the abovementioned is great. or just check out some other keyboards in a computer store.

well, the abovementioned keyboard is neat and has two usb2.0 ports.

you would wanna get this too, to minimize the latency of your midi-controller

sorry for hijacking the thread, but I just couldnt resist, hope you dont mind :)