Best microphone for recording lyrics?

I am interested in recording lyrics.

Most will have distortion run on the input, but there will be times where I require a nice “clean” sound.

I know there are several types to choose from. I am not going to be using the mic with my mixer coupled with phantom power, etc.

1/4 inch is fine…

I plan on plugging it directly into my audio input and recording while playing my track (pre-rendered to wav).

I would then slice it and insert in renoise with my music.

I have studio headphones for the lyrics while I record, etc.

Anyone have a good suggestion?

I will figure out using the compressor/limiter after I get the microphone. I misplaced my old mic…

Thank you in advance for your help!

SHURE SM58 is probably the microphone most worth its price. A pro mic that doesn’t cost a fortune. Very clear sound.
btw, you gain by putting effects like distortion etc on the recorded result instead of putting it directly on the input if you work with vocals…

If you are ready to pay alittle more take a look at the studio microphones by Sure (the KSM-series)

:D ;)

Thank you for the excellent suggestion.

I am going to go with -

The Shure Sm58 Mic and the M-Audio Audiobuddy mic Preamp.

I spent an hour today looking for my old mic. It’s officially MIA.

I may skip the audiobuddy if I can find an XRL to miniplug connector and
the recording is acceptable. I have a feeling it will not be.

Thank again,

AKG is also very good choise!

I already purchased the Shure. Thank you though :)

I recommend t-bone (e.g. large diaphragm mics for vocals)

good prices and good quality


I use Rode Nt 1a. Very good condenser microphone.

I’ll just write AKG C 1000 S here, if someone else needs a good mic.

i’m quite uninformed concerning this matter and i just wondered what a microphone preamp is actually good for?
i can’t imagine that its only purpose is to amplify the input signal, there must be something else i guess?

some mics need phantom-power … sometimes preamps offer this and you are right, mic-preamps amplify the low mic-signal …

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I’m looking for a CHEAP universal mic. A mic for vocals, maybe some guitar and recording of strange sounds in general. Price range: $0 - $100
I don’t need top of the line sound quality. It’s mainly for playing around.

Any suggestions?

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I’m a fan of the Shure SM58 too. I bought one a few months back.

Good quality at a good price.

T-Bone is realy best quality/price you get. i have the T.Bone SCT800 Tube Bigmembran Mic (299$) and as PreAmp the ART Tube Studio V3 (150$). with these 2 combined you can hold up with much much expensiver ones.