Best midi sequencer for renoise

Hi all! I just bought a Launchpad pro in order to sequence my beats externally. I saw some videos showing how to sequence beats using the launchpad but not the pro. I have been trying with no luck to use the pro as an external sequencer.

So my question is: what are some hardware sequencers available where I can easily map tracks and patterns in renoise?

My current setup is all hardware synths and drum machines but it would be awesome if I could sequence drums and samples through renoise and incorporate them into a track live.

Happy new year and thanks in advance!

I just watched the video that you linked. I have not tried it, but it seems that, if you map a midi controller of 64 pads using Renoise directly, without any tools installed, you can practically do the same. You just need some additional buttons in the MIDI controller, and map the necessary controls, like the transpose buttons (play, stop, repeat pattern, etc), the pattern or track navigation buttons, and the turn on or turn off the pattern. With all that, is not it enough?

What I have doubts is how the MIDI controller buttons would light up. That is, the agreement between the MIDI controller and renoise, of what is activated or not.

Go to MIDI MAP button or press CTRL+M and navigate for all the available controls:

  • Transport
  • Seq Muting
  • Track Muting
  • etc

Most MIDI controllers only provide trigger or stop buttons. Some light up, others do not, and some are sensitive to pulsing speed or not, but basically they are that: two-function buttons, turn on or off.

You may find it more useful to use phrases in Renoise, and combine them with a tool such as PhraseTouch. Actually, it’s a bit limited to lock the Renoise sequencer with 8 tracks and 8 patterns, unless you’re recording with another DAW, and just use Renoise for the drums.

Don’t have a launchpad pro, but have you looked at ?