Best Noise Snare Evar

Any old snare -> Shitloads of Distortion -> Renoise Compressor with these settings:

Ratio: Somewhere above 4:1 … I’m currently using 12:1
Attack: 3ms
Release: 25-30ms

Adjust threshold to a low value, enough so that the snare attack triggers compression, but the tail end doesn’t keep it on. Adjust the makeup so that it’s loud enough. Poof! Instant noise snare!

… why did I never use compression for this before? :P

ST-01 Popsnare2 … you cant beat that shit. No way!

ST-01 . FTW :D

(w0w I f331 1337)

thanx for the tip :drummer:


… and I downloaded this popsnare you speak of…

I don’t see the appeal:


thats pretty cool…now can you guys teach me how to achive a snare sound with a synth?

Got the Kick, Toms, and clavs and such down…snares are still giving me a prob…

anyways. yeah thanx for the tip.

Snares should have a hard, fast noise attack, followed by some rapid softer noise attacks, simulating the snare chain rattling against the drum head. Snares should also have a high tom sound backing them.

I just figured out that this works MUCH better if you increase the ratio to 12:1 and max the Makeup.

Is that a Flavour of the day compression scheme?

I used this sample in all my first tracks. It sounds pretty awful in 2008 :wacko:

I rest my case

Well, I could never figure out how to use compression to enhance attacks… so in that sense, I guess it is. I’m more just spreading this little useless bit of info for those that don’t know about it yet.

Ah… tracker nostalgia. Gotcha ;)

snare on synth ?

1 noise, hi freq
2 square, hi freq
3 square, hi freq -(2-8)
4 noise, same as first hi freq -1(2-3-4)
5 (you can insert a sync/ringmod triangle here)
6 noise, same as 4
7 loop to 5

just an example, is very snappy because of the 5 inserted.

the square needs a pulse table/lfo/envelope.
this is a full square, so lo 08, hi 00, speed 00 can do it nicely.

Just get your snares from Venice :D

and xoxos snare

Nice trick BYTE-Smasher the results I got from it reminds me of the snares in Jumpstyle music :yeah:

Don’t usually use synths for percussion, but that’s a good trick to know for the future. Thanks.