Best Orchestral Vsti

I’m looking for the best orchestral vsti ? it’s mostly for intro and that kind of stuff so i don’t need ultra high quality (like 5 round robin and 12 velocity level) but just an easy to use and phat sound that i can’t find with free stuff (if you know good free stuff feel free to tell :dribble: )

Not a VST, but a free soundfont:

So are you looking for “best” or “not ultra high quality”? I’m a bit confused.
If you are really looking for something very good for reasonable money (I know it’s a relative term) then maybe you should think about Eastwest instruments? This is pretty amazing: The base price is $500 but they often have very good promos and you can get it for half the price (or even less if you want to buy a bundle with other instruments as well). For example this bundle gives you 77% off of 7 of their instruments:

It would help if you told us what’s your budget for this.

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I would recommend Cakewalk’s Dimension Pro purely for an affordable way to access it’s brilliant sample library. The app itself is a basic soundfont playback rompler which applies quite unnatural sounding envelopes to the patches but if you build your own key/velocity mapped XRNIs from the multi-samples in its library without said envelopes the results are very pleasing.

my budget is around 500 euros

i want the best quality i can afford for this price of course even if i know that i can’t have the best for this price

what do you think of projectsam orchestral essential ?

Garritan Instant Orchestra just came out :

there’s a discussion about it on kvr :

Im very tempted by it myself.

Symphonic Orchestra Gold complete would suite for that.
Almost the same as the platinum except that the platinum uses 24 bit samples and the gold package only 16 bit samples.
And the platinum edition has more mic positions recorded.
You can expand the gold package with close mic positions, but frankly if you use the gold complete, you have the authentic hall audio that requires least mixing.

Though the new Garriton Orchestra sounds pretty good as well, at least a hell of a lot better than the personal orchestra edition.

I spent some time reading about and listening to that Garriton Orchestra today. It’s interesting. I definitely like the idea of having all these ensembles ready for a particular mood/theme. I wish there was something similar for the Eastwest Symphonic Orchestra. It would be great for trying out some motives quickly.
Having said that, the quality of the sound in Garriton Orchestra is not as good as the Eastwest’s instrument. If you really care for how the instruments sound, I would still go with Eastwest.

You can load multiple patches in Play and allow them to listen to the same midi channel, thus you can trigger multiple instruments with one hand.
You can also make changes for each patch. It is a bit risky to load keyswitch presets, but mod-wheel presets allow you to make similar kind of constructions. Plus you can set the minimum and maximum velocity scales that you want these patches to respond within. It is simply a lot of work to create banks with these kind of moods.

I personally never did that before with SO, but having seen GIO does make me wonder what kind of mood ensembles can be created with SO.

Also the SO most likely doesn’t has these various amounts of effects that you can put in to the ambience like GIO does.

I kinda a whole lot got to agree except for sfz is a bit more advanced than regular soundfonts. Dim pro and and rapture get ignored a lot now but are still awesome and amazing. Also, I end up making a lot of the sounds I want out of additive and digital synthesis with them. I mean, it’s not this type of synth (additive, anyway), but the end results can be… crazy. or very straight forward sample playback.

But yeah, this plus the Sonatina sfz and whatever old free hammersound soundfonts you can still find on the internet or torrents, one can do very nice for what the original poster is asking. And have probably too much fun doing it…

I have Halion String Edition and Halion Symphonic Orchestra, and also had MOTU Symphonic Instrument.

Halion Symphonic has the best sounds IMHO but I regret selling MOTU Symphonic Instrument since it sounds nice and is easier to use.
Setting up my own orchestra with Halion is nice but it is overkill just to add some orchestra sound here and there…

i have sonatina and i use it with the renoise sampler but the sound is not that good. violon are near good but cello some wack
i want a little bit more quality.
i think the garritan things is what i will probably choose. keep going it could be helpfull for other people :lol: