best sample packs

Which are the best sample packs out there? Im looking for large sample packs not like one drumkit.

Vengeance has some nice sample packs although those are pretty overproduced.

No idea if this counts, but the kb6 drum samples put an end to my search w.r.t. drum samples:

Esoundz is really good!! You have to look through the website, and muddle through everything… Its like shopping at a thrift store. The website is poorly designed!!

I agree that vengeance is overproduced to the point of being completely useless.

NI Maschine

I’m quite fond of the Urban Cookbook.

Sample packs of what? Ensembles or K-pop vocals?

I recommend the drum libraries from Loopmasters, those are my go-to construction kits right now, really wide range of sounds, I can always find material for layering my kicks and snares…

none of them


He probably needs a lot of K-pop vocals. What’s your best resource for that?

I’ve bought the complete library 10 years ago and I have to say that unfortunately the quality sucks, I was and still am disappointed. I don’t use these samples. When you want to have high quality samples I recommend to check out everything from Goldbaby. That’s how it should be. But sure, there are a few things missing.

So, I also need some advice. I’m searching for high quality (very important!) samples from Linn Drum, Linn 9000, Oberheim DMX and Yamaha DX. Is it available anywhere in the world wide web? It would be great to have a complete pack of the whole library in high quality. Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

Most of them are available from here:

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Thanks, I completely forgot about Samples from Mars. I’ve stumbled over it a couple of years ago, but at this time I’ve got everything I needed because of Goldbaby, so I quickly moved on. That really was a good suggestion. I’ve bought the whole library! :grin:

I was about to spend 200 dollars for several packs, but I discovered a much better offer just in time. You can get the whiole fucking library for 119 dollars. What a bargain! Check it out! Of course I had to do it!

Arghh… I bought it for around 35 € and have it on an usb stick to not overload my SSD.

The whole library? Really? If yes, congrats. That was a present.

Just checked what I payed and it’s 39 $. I think they have this often more often and reguarliy more or less.