Best soundcard for Renoise 1.11

What is the best soundcard with low latency and high sound resolution tested on Renoise 1.11 ?
Audiowerk8 is good soundcard?



Yeps Tobias, i have the relative cheap m-audio delta44, and i get the exact same latency.

I use Rme Hammerfall. I get 5 ms latency with that.

Don’t buy creamware products. I have a Luna II, the Soundcard itself is great but the software and drivers suck bigtime and the support is horrible.


Agree, Creamware Support is very very BAD!

How do you use the audio outputs?

do you use adat lightpipe multiouts, or spdif?
And do all channels sync correctly?

I read somewhere that to obtain sample correct sync,
between all channels you would have to use a wordclock sync?

I ask becouse we are thinking about upgrading our system,
with a rme hammerfall (16 ch digital audio) and a digital mixing desk.
And 16 channels of audio isn’t usefull unless its in perfect sync.

Running Terratec 6Fire, 24bit/96khz. The Directsound support is horrible (if you’re into gaming, you will suffer from some minor issues). Even for ASIO the drivers can’t seem to keep up. At 96khz / 10ms, when CPU usage goes to ~50% or more, clipping and skipping will occur and playback becomes impossible. 50% of my CPU capacity is not used and yet there’s clipping! I blame this on the shortcomings of the drivers. If you don’t mind 44,1khz, you can push the latency down to 6ms and have enough CPU time to spare to render DivX in the background. However, if you go for the smallest buffer (4ms @ 44,1khz) the drivers muck up again and when CPU usage goes over 20% the clipping will begin. Overall I consider this very poor performance.

Just for reference, I run an Athlon XP 2000+ at 1725mhz. My ASIO buffer settings are 1024 samples per buffer, which amounts to a latency of 10-11ms at 96khz. This is enough most of the time, although as I said above, I’ll need to keep my CPU usage below 50% at all times or switch to “medium cpu usage mode” in Renoise while working.

Today I have tryed Emagic Audiowerk 8 soundcard in the PC PIII 450 of my friend…with Renoise 1.11 (registered) and then with asio support.
No bad audio quality, but At 44.1khz with 7.5ms latency.
The real problem when CPU usage goes to 30 / 35%…the samples give rise to clips and is very difficult to make a sequence or open effects.
When I set 19 ms of Audiowerk control panel, the clip problem disappear.
The cause is soundcard, renoise or the low PIII 450mhz?
I have see various models of m-audio Delta soundcards on web
Delta44, 66 and 1010 model…very good specifications…
Another thing…Delta 44 or 66 in latency propriety are like 1010 model ?

Yup I think so, my Delta 1010 and Garf’s Delta 44 have the same latency in Renoise :guitar: