Best Soundfont (SF2) editor?

…so i’ve been noodling around with the Fluidsynth DSSI plugin and SF2 files in Renoise lately, powerful stuff!

What would you guys recommend as a good SF2 editor? Mainly what i want to do is increase the number of velocity layers within a file by using the filtering capabilities of the SF2 format, and maybe export/import additional samples.

For example, i have this really beautiful piano sound, but each velocity layer is in a separate SF2 file, i’d like to combine them into one file if that’s possible.

Thanks =)


Presumably you’re on Linux since you’re using Fluidsynth DSSI?

Swami and Polyphone are Linux SF2 editors.

BTW: Last time I read the spec, I believed you could have velocity layers.

then it should probably be Gedit.

Am I missing something really obvious here?

SF2 is a binary format, SFZ is a text format.


Thanks, yes i’m on linux, but most windows programs of this kind will work at least OK in Wine. I’m guessing there must be a lot more sf2 editors for windows than for linux, which one(s) should i check out?

this one