Best to render all channels seperately?

Why would this give better quality as opposed to rendering all channels in one file?
You can get technical on this one if you like. :)

The only reason to do this is if you want to do mixing and/or mastering with control of the individual tracks in another program afterwards. Other than that the quality is not different.

Ok thanks I’ll skip this one then, since one could easily have 500+MB worth of wavs like this and I’m pretty tight on hd space (I got a 60GB drive but my mobo probably only supports 32 and I don’t want to flash and risk ruining it just to check if it supports 60).

If windows shows you that the drive is 60Gb, then it should be working fine.

Nopes, that’s just the problem.
I emailed Maxtor about it and they said it’s either my OS or my mobo (or both) causing the problems.
And since I now have Win98Se, it’s clear that I’d have to flash my bios to recuperate my other 28Gb (I also checked with PartitionMagic; they just say it’s a 32Gb drive).
Not worth it imo.

Flashing you BIOS is not a hard thing. Definately worth it if you get 28 megs more!

It’s not hard, but if I get a power failure in our town or street (which sometimes happens) during the flashing, it’s bye-bye motherboard.

And if it would work, I’d have to backup maybe 20Gb of data, format everything and put everything back (and risk losing data because of faulty backup cd’s).
So I’ll just hold out for another year or so and then get a new system.

What are the odds for that to happend? It takes 2 seconds to flash the bios. :rolleyes:

Partition Magic is your friend. Then you dont have to format. Just resize you partition. Very easy to use.

I have done this a gasillion times. Flashing BIOS and using partition magic. Works every time.

And btw… no matter what you do, a backup or two of your most critical data cant hurt.

Good luck :)

It happened to my cousin actually. :)

it also happened to a friend of a friend of mine :P