Best Tracker Music Sites ?


Can someone recommend tracker music sites ?

Love the more chilled out (but can still be chaotic) glitch / jungle / breakbeat stuff …

MP3 best but maybe Renoise files also ?



do you know we have a songs section?


Yes I did know :) … some great stuff on there.

Just wanted any other recommended sites people use (especially for IDM stuff, although I guess the vast majority are full of this ;) )

I’m a relative novice in Tracker Town.

Does Foobar2000 play tracker files or do they have to be more conventional audio formats ? Probably has a plugin I guess …

I’ve really gone off Winamp (to bloated).

PS I think I read in Computer Music about “everybodies favourite tracker radio station” for streaming tracks ?

there is no XRNS player available. The best MOD/XM/IT/S3M/MTM/UMX player available is XmPlay; I don’t know about FooBar2000

Check out the links from here


That Mazemod radio is fun - not quite my type of music, but still groovy :drummer:

Here’s a site with lots of mod files from the Amiga Demo Scene:

Just go to the mod section:

Here’s the direct link to the Jungle music mod files:

Most files are even compatible with Renoise. In some cases you have to choose “all file types” (choose . as file type) in the browser windows to make some mod files visible and loadable.

The venerable Mod Archive:

Also notable are ( and the Modland FTP ( ).

If you would like to hear best of the best without time consuming search process follow here:

i tried to create an account on traxinspace but the username is not accepted no matter the input.