Best way to automate an "exponential delay"?

I’ve been trying to recreate that “ball drop” sound the Authechre, and Aphex Twin used to use. I’m thinking tracks like Becephalus’ Bounding Ball or Scose Poise from Confield. I’ve implemented such things before in Pure Data, and Super Collider, but I’m curious if there is a more Renoise way to do it.

I am trying to avoid massive amounts of “by hand” automation, and over-reliance of pre-baked VST instruments. Do you think it would be possible to automate something like the exponential delay effect from Scose Poise? How I might I go about doing that?

So far I know that the effect is basically a delay which feeds into itself, with a factor which reducing the delay length until it’s zero, at which point the sound terminates, or goes the other way. I know this would quite easy to pull off with any kind of scripting engine.


-Trigger a LFO to turn the delay length up and down on a ping pong delay, and trigger the LFO with the note onset. Not too graceful, I imagine.

-Use a pre-baked LFO effect. No fun! (also on Linux, so there’s that.)

-maybe renoise’s scripting engine can help me here? I’m not sure if it’s meant for little stand alone effects like this.

-Last resort, write my own damn VST or something. Sounds like lots of work.

Optimally I’d be able to trigger this thing from pattern effects, with some kind of argument(s) that let me easily flip it on and off in tracks. God I love pattern effects.

Any ideas?

This seems like something that could be done by automating a repeater. Insert a repeater, rightclick “free” where you want to start it up at, and automated the slider. If you want to give it a particular curve, tie the divisor to a hydra, set your min and max to taste, then insert an LFO, set it to one shot, set it to just go from min to max in 2 points with a straight custom line. Now you can adjust the speed of the LFO and the scaling (shape) of the curve in the hydra to taste and insert a LFO reset command wherever you want to begin.

I think it would be pretty annoying to try to replicate this with pattern effects alone, but if you set the lpb high enough I’m sure you could do it with just retriggers.

This isn’t a direct answer, but there’s a smartelectronix vst/audio unit that can do this:

essential for creating complex automations in Renoise;




They should auto-update in Renoise 3.01 without a problem, at least, they work here :slight_smile:

Bump for justice:

New model: Exponential Delay (v1.31)
The famous bouncing ball and many other effects can be achieved with this one.