Best Way To Automate Reaktor As Vsti ?

i can’t seem to get my head around the best and easiest way to automate a reaktor ensemble.

i think best would be the automation device ?
but i dunno how to easily go about linking everything up because nothing is labelled in most reaktor ensembles.

my method now is to :
in reaktor vsti use midi learn to supply reaktor with a controller note, and then link that up with the midi control device.
and then use pattern effects in the pattern editor to control these.

somehow it seems there might be a better way
and also am i right in thinking that with this method i can only automate 4 controllers continuously ?

is there anyone else using reaktor and how do you do this?

edit: figured it out two seconds after i posted question. just automate with the right mouse button in the automation device
but that still leaves problem of assigning these notes to the different faders in reaktor. how to easily do this?

Well, the automation device simply scan the VST to look for parameters, and present them in a list.

When you choose to automate a parameters, and there’s no names to guide you (WTF Reaktor? This should be possible!) you could probably look for some part of the Reaktor GUI changing, like a slider or button changing it’s value.
I know I’ve had to do it this way a couple of times, but at least you can save the automation device preset and re-use it at a later time

after a bit more playing around i figured out what i was doing wrong.

in case some one also needs to do this, make sure that in the properties of your reaktor ensemble the " activate midi in" button is ticked. then you can type in the controller/note for the corresponding fader in reaktor and link that to the same number fader in the midi control device

also you can right click on any parameter in reaktor and do midi learn… using renoise midi cc device

hey pilot7, thx for reply, but i don’t quite understand what you mean.

do you mean to right click in reaktor for midi learn and then slide a fader in midi cc device to automatically have them link up?

coz that doens’t work for me here. . . .

hey, yes that what i mean… should work. no idea why it doesn’t