Best way to control VSTI phrase volumes

Is there an easier way to control overall volumes of VSTI phrases other than volume automation? As far as I know normal volume-velocity commands have no effect on phrases. It would be nice if these commands act as a bias of volume on the phrase affecting the velocities setting the middle value (much like what a volume knob does) but it seems not possible, at least currently.

Via macro?

Macro means automation. It’s easier to directly automate volumes instead of a macro. What I’m looking for is a command.

I can reset a LFO via a pattern command…so why not macro controlling via pattern command

insert the macro device,and right click on a macro knob…the parameter will appear in the tracker

OK. I get what you mean now. But what parameter can I map the macro knob to control the volume of a VSTI instrument?

But your idea solves the problem anyway. I can right click the volume in track dsp effects and control the volume with a command. Thank you!

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