Best way to separate EastWest instruments


I am interested in automatically creating a separate (logically named) xrni file for each of the east west .ewi instruments I own.

The way EastWest Play works is that it is a single plugin, but there’s a keyboard shortcut within the plugin editor to choose a specific ewi instrument (e.g. tremolo strings, distortion guitar) based on its filename. Unfortunately, the parameters in the Instruments.xml of an xrni of an ewi instrument are encrypted, so I can’t just change the filename there.

I have a list of all of the ewi instruments I own. How can I use lua scripting or some other method to repeatedly create an instrument instance, open the plugin editor, use the keyboard shortcut to select an ewi, and then save and rename the instrument as an xrni? In particular, all of these seem straightforward except using the keyboard inside the plugin editor.

Could very well be. But as long you don’t share it with others there shouldn’t be a problem. It is just a different way of using the instrument that you have a license for.

On top of that, I don’t think EWI could find out. Or really care. If Halley were to illegally share it with people that is a very different matter of course. And I’m sure EWI would take issue with.

Anyways, the question of how you approach such a task is still an interesting one.


I don’t necessarily need to reproduce their library - I just want to automatically choose which instrument (which I own) to select within their VST editor. Unfortunately, I can’t think how this would be possible.

If you’re just trying to select instruments without entering the menu, you need to make a multi-out and route aliases to channel numbers.

Here with PLAY in FL Studio to figure out PLAY settings:

I made a video here that explains and shows the routing in Renoise:

because that can be time consuming, I can furthermore recommend to make a small template for your favorites for that reason. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, that was really helpful (although I do wish there was a magic shortcut…)!