Best Way To Take The Old Impulse Tracker Samples In Use


As an old Impulse tracker user I have tons of old IT songs filled with carefully picked samples. Now I’m looking for a way to use them in Renoise and some other music softwares. Is there any recommended way of extracting those wav samples from the IT-modules so that they can be seen in windows as regular wav files?

Any help or tips would be highly appreciated!

Hmmz, well, you can just load your IT files in Renoise and then adjust the instruments (they might not sound the same as in IT) and save them as Renoise Instruments.

Awave Studio can (batch) convert IT files to many formats. Unfortunately they do not support xrni yet.
AFAIK only Extreme Sample Converter support Renoise files (but not IT files, I think).
So with a combination of those two apps it is at least possible to batch convert IT files to Renoise files.

Thank you very much guys for your help!

I did some more digging and found a sweet free app called Magicfish! It supports batch processing so extracting all the samples from about 1000 IT songs took me only a few hours! Sweeeeeet! :w00t:

Anyone aware of a similar tool for OSX?