Best way to to finish a Digitakt project with Renoise?

I’m trying to figure out what’s the best way to start a project on Digitakt and then finish it up in Renoise. I’m on Linux so I might be a bit limited here, but my current flow is:

  • Use Overwitch to connect all 12 Digitakt tracks to JACK (2 x main,2 x linein and 8 sequencer tracks)
  • Use Reaper to record the tracks to audio with JACK
  • Connect Reaper tracks to Renoise input channels, Renoise input channels to Renoise tracks
  • Use Renoise to control Reaper playback while adding new tracks/effects to the song

Would it be possible to cut Reaper out of the flow? Seems like an overkill for something that I just use to play audio files that can be controller over JACK Transport.
Any simpler alternatives that can be controlled via JACK or would it be possible to just skip it and only use Renoise?

Of course it is also possible to connect Digitakt straight to Renoise but I would like to remove it at one point and just use the audio files.

EDIT: ok so looks like I had a misconception that you can’t have long audio files as samples in Renoise and this is not actually a problem at all. I might create a tool though that creates tracks from all 12 of the Digitakt audio tracks automatically just for fun :slight_smile:

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Hey there, its great to see other linux overwitch users out there as this was a direction I intended to take.

Currently I employ a multi-track audio instrument with midi input and such (a drum machine and a groovebox). I just take their jack audio device channels straight into Renoise using the ‘audio device’ plugin. Then setup their midi how you like for each instrument midi setting.

Or you can set it up as a Global Midi device in Renoise settings; or somewhere else in your jack audio studio session. There are a lot of options it depends on your workflow needs and ideas.

I am looking forward to hear what you did as I am considering a digitone. For your setup are you sampling from renoise and then back in?

When I posted this I had been into music production for about two weeks :slightly_smiling_face: so not sure I have a lot of experience to share, but I’ve found a few ways how to work with Digitakt.

Connect Digitakt to Reason (MIDI), use it to control Reason instruments - this is a pretty useful video on how to set this up Renoise vs Digitakt (Setup + Workflow) - YouTube

Create a track in Digitakt, finish it off in Reason - this is what I do most. I just record the tracks to audio and then create an instrument from the samples.

Didn’t really need to get live audio from Digitakt to Reason after all.

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